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An International Network is part of a rapidly growing community of portals that specialise in the buying and selling of second-hand items, real estate and cars. On this side of the Atlantic, we are joined by USA , South Africa , Australia , Brazil , Mexico and also Argentina . We have launched other sites in countries of Latina america as Colombia , Peru , Chile and Venezuela On the European continent our team includes Italy , Spain and France whilst country specific search engines also operate in the UK , the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and Germany . We are proud to have more than 6 million visitors every month in 11 countries, and we have even stretched to Asia, with in India, Japan and Singapore. The team has not stopped there, with a presence in the smaller countries of Belgium , Austria and Ireland , where our search engines are of course tailored to local markets. On the other hand, we decide to open sites in a new continent which is Africa with our first site in Nigeria .